Sports Injuries

Our orthopedic specialists provide tailored treatment for sports injuries online. Meet with a sports injury doctor today and begin your journey to healing.

Orthopedic Specialists Treating Sports Injuries Online

Orthopedists are physicians who specialize in treating and preventing sports injuries. They spend years learning about muscle and joint injuries and what the best treatment options are. They are also experts in preventing these injuries by providing stretching and strengthening programs to help prevent injuries

How We Treat Sports Injuries

Orthopedists are physicians who specialize in treating fractures, sprains, strains, and joint problems.

Orthopedists perform a history and physical examination to help figure out what exactly is causing the problem. They also understand the unique needs of athletes and can apply that knowledge to getting the athlete back to play.

Rehabilitation Programs
When an athlete is injured, creating a rehabilitation program to help the athlete heal is the key to getting the athlete back to their game.

The rehabilitation program needs to be tailored to the individual athlete, taking into account their injury, their deficits, and the sport they wish to return to.

Sports Medicine
Sports medicine physicians focus on helping athletes return to play. They have the background and training to appropriately diagnose injuries and help the athlete figure out not only what is wrong, but also what the best treatment plan is for that athlete.

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Our Approach to Sports Medicine

Our Experts
Upswing Health provides immediate access to certified athletic trainers. Athletic trainers specialize in preventing and treating injured athletes. Our athletic trainers all have over 5 years of experience treating injured athletes.

Upswing Health provides access to both orthopedic surgeons who are well-versed in treating athletes, and to primary care sports medicine physicians who are extremely knowledgeable in the care of injured athletes. A telehealth appointment can be set up with our physicians within 24 hours.

Identify and treat the root cause.

At Upswing Health, we use a symptom assessment tool to help diagnose your injury. This tool was designed by nationally recognized orthopedic surgeons to replicate the doctor-patient experience. By answering a series of questions about your injury, the symptom assessment tool provides some possible conditions in a similar manner to the experience you would have in your doctor’s office.

Upswing’s proprietary AI-enhanced symptom assessment tool helps you figure out the root cause of what is bothering you. The site of your pain might not be where the problem is located. Upswing’s symptom assessment tool can help you figure out where the problem is coming from so that you can address the root cause of the pain and disability.

Injury prevention

The best way to treat injuries is to prevent them. Upswing can help you prevent injuries. Our certified athletic trainers are experts at providing advice on how to prevent injuries.

Return to Play protocols

Upswing can help injured athletes return to play safely and effectively by providing return-to-play guidance and protocols. At Upswing, we believe helping the athlete return to play safely is critically important.

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