Cheerleading Injuries

Cheerleading Injuries

This guide goes over the types of injuries that can occur while performing cheerleading.

Cheerleading in the United States has become a competitive sport. With the increase in complexity of stunts, the injury rate among cheerleaders has increased significantly.

Concussions are being seen more and more in competitive cheerleading.

Traumatic injuries from falling can lead to injuries of both the upper and lower extremity. Upper extremity injuries include shoulder separations and dislocations, elbow sprains and fractures and injuries to the wrist and hand. Lower extremity injuries include knee ligament injuries such as anterior cruciate (Acl) and medial collateral (Mcl) ligament injuries as well as patella dislocations and meniscus tears. Injuries to the ankle and foot including sprains and fractures are quite common.

Overuse injuries including hip, knee, ankle tendonitis as well as low back pain syndromes including low back strains, disc problems, and spondylolysis(stress fractures) are often seen in competitive cheerleaders

Common Cheerleading Injuries


Shoulder: Ac separations | Instability | Clavicle fractures

Knee: Patella dislocations | Patella femoral pain, patella tendonitis | Acl, Mcl | Medial Meniscus tears

Hip: Labral tears hamstring, groin strains | Iliotibial band tendonitis

Ankle: Achilles tendonitis | Sprains | Fractures

Back: Strains | Herniated discs | Spondylolysis (stress fractures)