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Upswing Health

Get help with your orthopedic problems, on demand.

Suffering from joint or muscular pain, but can’t or don’t want to see a doctor in person? Use Upswing to connect to a live medical professional without leaving your home.

A new approach to treating injuries

AI-driven identification of injuries you can treat at home

50% of orthopedic injuries can and should be treated with simple physical therapy exercises you can do at home. Our injury identification tool, developed by a team of orthopedic physicians and surgeons, accurately diagnoses 92% of movement-related injuries. For minor injuries, home exercises are provided on the site with detailed instructional videos.

Skip the doctor’s office – see an expert from home.

For more serious conditions, there’s no need to wait for an appointment with a primary care physician to get a referral. A chat with one of our health coaches is all you need to validate more serious injuries and to get an immediate telemedicine appointment with an orthopedic specialist. If an in-person visit is required, Upswing will give the user a list of recommended, in-network specialists,who will see Upswing patients on an expedited basis.

Get immediate help, from the comfort of your home.

Skip the in-person appointment

Instead of wasting time seeing your family doctor just to get a referral somewhere else, you’ll be connected with a medical professional who can help you remotely.

More accurate condition assessment

Our symptom checker uses algorithms designed by a team of orthopedic specialists to quickly identify your injury. And while it’s 92% accurate (far better than the 60% accuracy patients currently get), you’ll also get to verify your diagnosis with a medical professional online.

Treatments that work

Most movement injuries can be treated at home, for free, using our extensive library of rehabilitation exercise videos. But if needed, you’ll be given a telemedicine visit with one of our expert physicians for the best treatment recommendation.

How does it work?

  • 1 Identify your injury in minutes using our AIpowered condition identifier
  • 2 If your injury can be treated at home, you’ll be given specific mobility exercises from our video library with detailed explanations
  • 3 Patients who would like additional information can speak with a medical professional
  • 4 If needed, the medical professional sets a telemedicine appointment where you can consult with a doctor
  • 5 For serious injuries that need to be dealt with in person, you’ll be referred to the correct in-network local specialist for treatment options

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