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Field hockey is a very popular sport around the world. It is fast paced and physical. Common traumatic injuries include bruises from the ball or being hit by the stick. Concussions and facial injuries are common.

As the players are in a crouched position, problems with the lower back, including low back strains, herniated discs, and stress fractures are common. Overuse syndromes, such as patella femoral pain syndrome, hip tendonitis and ankle tendonitis often occur. Traumatic injuries to the foot and ankle, including fractures and sprains often occur.

Common Field Hockey Injuries


Back: Strains | Herniated discs | Spondylolysis (stress fractures)

Knee: Patella tendonitis | patella femoral pain

Hip: Iliotibial band syndrome | Hamstring tendonitis | hamstring tears

Ankle: Achilles tendonitis | Plantar fasciitis | Ankle sprains | ankle fractures

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