Rugby Injuries

Rugby Injuries

Rugby is one of the more popular sports in the world and is gaining popularity in this country. It is a sport that requires agility and endurance and allows a significant amount of contact with little equipment.

Most of the injuries are traumatic due to the frequent contact among the players. These injuries include injuries to the upper extremity like clavicle fractures, shoulder dislocations and separations, elbow fractures and dislocations and frequently wrist and hand fractures and dislocations.

Lower extremity injuries, especially to the knee such as anterior cruciate(ACL), posterior cruciate(PCL), medial collateral (MCL) ligament tears and meniscus tears, occur frequently. Injuries to the ankle and foot such as foot and ankle sprains and fractures occur frequently. As in other contact sports, concussions occur in Rugby. Overuse injuries such as hip, knee, and ankle tendonitis may occur as well.

Common Rugby Injuries

Ankle: Fractures | Sprains

Back: Strains | Herniated disc | Stress fracture

Elbow: Fractures

Foot: Fractures | Sprains

Hand: Fractures | Sprains

Hip: Groin, quadriceps, hamstring strains | Labral tears

Knee: ACL | PCL | MCL | Meniscus

Neck: Herniated discs | Stingers | Strains

Shoulder: Ac separations |Clavicle fractures | Shoulder instability

Wrist: Fractures | Sprains