Cycling Injuries

Cycling Injuries

This guide goes over the different types of injuries that can occur while cycling.

Cycling is popular around the world.

Cycling is a very demanding sport. Overuse injuries are quite common. These include low back pain and neck pain as well as more serious back issues such as disc disease or stress fractures. Lower extremity problems are common as well especially knee issues like patella femoral syndrome and hip issues like iliotibial band syndrome. Given the demands on the upper extremity, wrist problems like tendonitis and compression syndromes including carpal tunnel or ulnar compression syndromes, may occur.

Traumatic injuries from falls off the bike are common as well. These usually involve the upper extremity and particularly the shoulder, leading to clavicle fractures and shoulder dislocations and separations

Common Biking Injuries

Shoulder:    Clavicle Fractures AC Separations

Hip Ischial Bursitis ITB Syndrome

Knee: Patella Fractures

Ankle: Ankle Fractures  Ankle Sprains