Frequently Asked Questions


Question: Tell me about UpSwing Health.  What is your mission?

Answer: Our mission is to transform healthcare by boosting value and enhancing the well-being of athletes everywhere.


Question: Tell me about the two Founders.

Answer: Dr. Jay Kimmel and Dr. Steve Schutzer are practicing Orthopedic Surgeons who are committed to the principles of healthcare value (best clinical outcomes at the lowest cost) and to the digital health transformation.  They believe all athletes should have immediate and equal access to quality information at a reasonable price.


Question: Before I start using the platform, I just want to be sure I understand all of the terms, conditions, and privacy protections on this site.  Where can I find them?

Answer: Please scroll to the bottom of the website for a link to these documents.  Read and understand these platform policies so that you are comfortable using our site.  UpSwing Health respects your privacy and we have implemented certain policies and technologies to protect your data.


Question: What does UpSwing do with the information that I provide in answering questions on your symptom checker?

Answer: We treat any information you give us with the utmost care and respect. We take privacy seriously.  We will not sell your data to third parties. We may use non-personally identifiable information for the greater good to help athletes with conditions like yours.


Question:  I just suffered a sports injury.  How can I access UpSwing Health’s “symptom checker” to get some advice on my condition?

Answer:   On our homepage, click on ‘Free Assessment Tool” or hover over the “Where Does It Hurt” menu in the middle of our homepage, where you can select your area of musculoskeletal pain, via the body part dropdown . Either way, this will take you to a series of questions (starting with “Where does it hurt”) that, when answered, will provide you with “your report”.


Question:  What actually is my “report”?

Answer:  Your “report” offers you advice as to some of the potential possibilities of your condition.  The report is not meant to provide you with a specific diagnosis.


Question: My injury involves more than one body area, (like a wrist and ankle sprain). Will the symptom checker work for me?

Answer:  We understand this problem may occur.  At this time, our recommendation is to click on one body part at a time.  This will give you information for each of your injured body parts.


Question:  I am just looking for some additional information about my previously diagnosed condition.  Where can I find that?

Answer:  On the home page, hover over “What Hurts” and you can then search for content curated for you by our Board of Health Care Professionals by either body part or by sport.


Question: What if I have questions regarding a chronic nagging sports injury?  Can UpSwing Health help me sort this out?

Answer:  Yes. There are several ways we can help.  You can access our sport or body part-specific content curated for you by our Board of Health Care Professionals by hovering over “What Hurts” on the menu on our homepage.  Or, you can chat with one of our healthcare professionals for additional advice. Finally, you can post a question on one of our forums and see what our community of athletes has experienced under similar conditions and circumstances.


Question: I used the symptom checker and after entering my answers, got “no report found.”  What does this mean?

Answer:  UpSwing Health is committed to providing our users with advice and information to guide them on their journey to understand their condition and the best road to recovery.  With the information that you have provided, “no report found” means that we do not have sufficient input to draw any conclusions on your unique condition. Please follow our suggestions regarding “additional options” to help you find the answers you desire.


Question: If I am unsure what to do with my condition report after reviewing the relevant UpSwing content pages, what should I do next?

Answer: You have several options.  Quickly and conveniently, you can chat with an UpSwing Healthcare professional who will provide further advice on your condition.   Or, you can call your personal Physician.


Question:  When I chat with an UpSwing healthcare professional, who will I be communicating with?

Answer: Much as on the athletic field, our frontline first responders are Certified Athletic Trainers, commonly known as ATCs.


Question: What is a Certified Athletic Trainer (ATC)?

Answer: An Athletic Trainer is a certified and licensed healthcare professional who practices in the field of sports medicine. Athletic Trainers have been recognized by the American Medical Association as an allied healthcare profession since 1990.  Our ATCs have been vetted by UpSwing Health and are all seasoned professionals with years of experience on and off the field in providing diagnostic and first-aid advice on many musculoskeletal injuries.


Question: What will it cost me to chat with an UpSwing Athletic Trainer?

Answer: Nothing. There is no cost to you for chatting with our UpSwing Athletic Trainer.


Question:  Do I need to set up an account and log in to chat with an UpSwing Athletic Trainer?

Answer:   Yes, you do have to set up an account and log in to chat with our Athletic Trainers. 


Question: Can I chat with a Sports Medicine Physician specialist on the UpSwing Health platform?

Answer: No, at this time we do not provide this service.  If you need to speak with a Physician, please reach out to your private MD.  The advice we’ve provided will help guide the discussion you will have with your Physician.  In the future, UpSwing Health will be developing partnerships with trusted Sports Medicine Physicians to deliver a wide range of high-value care and treatment options.


Question: Who are UpSwing’s Board of Healthcare Professionals?

Answer:  UpSwing’s Board of Healthcare Professionals are all experienced providers who are committed to the success of our mission.  They come from diverse stakeholder communities including Athletic Trainers, Physical Therapists, Primary Care Sports Medicine physicians, Physiatrists, and Orthopedic Surgeons with an interest in sports and other sub-specialties.


Question: What is the role of UpSwing’s Board of Healthcare Professionals?

Answer: UpSwing’s Board of Healthcare Professionals adds substantial value to our platform by participating on the Forums and posting articles/pictures and videos relevant to sports injuries and their areas of expertise.


Question:  If I have any technical questions or problems, who can I reach out to?

Answer: You can connect with UpSwing Health’s technical support at

We will try to respond as quickly as possible.


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