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Ice Hockey Injuries

Ice Hockey Injuries

  Ice hockey is a sport that requires speed and power as well as skilled skating. Concussions are common in hockey players. Serious injuries to the lower back and neck including fractures or disc problems may occur. Neck strains and low back strains are frequent in hockey players. Upper extremity injuries such as clavicle fractures, shoulder dislocations, and separations are common. Elbow injuries, such as bursitis or tendonitis can occur as can more serious injuries such as fractures and dislocations that may occur after a fall. Hand and wrist fractures and dislocations may also occur after a fall or from contact with another player. Lower extremity injuries also are frequent especially injuries to the hip such as groin, hamstring, and quadriceps strains and labral tears. Injuries to the knee such as ACL, PCL MCL or meniscus tears can sometimes occur. Ankle injuries and foot and ankle injuries may occur but are less common due to the protection of the skate.

Low Back Bruise(contusion) Thumb Sprain Ulnar Fractures of the wrist (Ulnar Styloid Fracture) Hip Contusion Stinger Spinal Cord Contusions Cervical Strain Injuries Finger Fracture Labral Tears Wrist Sprain Finger Sprain Hamstring Tendonitis of the Hip Clavicle Fracture Shoulder Instability AC Separation PCL Tears Medial Meniscus Tears MCL Tears Lateral Meniscus Tears Hamstring Tears Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Tear Quadriceps Strain Groin Pull Scapholunate (SL) Ligament Tear Scaphoid Fracture Boxer's Fracture Metacarpal Fracture Finger Dislocation Distal Radius Fractures Olecranon Bursitis


Common Ice Hockey Injuries

Back: Herniated Discs | Spondylolyis | Strains

Elbow: Olecranon bursitis | Fractures

Hand: Sprains | Fractures

Hip: Groin, quadriceps hamstring strains | Labral tears

Knee: ACL | MCL | PCL | Meniscus

Neck: Strain | Herniated disc | Stingers

Shoulder: Clavicle fractures | Ac separations | Shoulder instability

Wrist: Fractures | Sprains