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Get help now for muscle and joint pain

Free Assessment tool.

Find out what’s wrong and how to treat it.

Immediate access. Immediate answers.

Don’t wait to see a doctor to find out what’s wrong and how serious it is.

Upswing Health’s free symptom assessment tool uses AI-technology that can help you understand your condition, muscle or joint pain and even provide free custom-designed exercises directed by your own Upswing Coach - and all can be managed from home. If your injury is more severe, you’ll get immediate access to an orthopedic physician who may recommend x-rays or MRI scans and provide you with additional treatment by phone or video call. For your convenience, through one of our partners, Upswing can now coordinate imaging studies with local x-ray facilities and even take care of any pre-authorization. If needed, Upswing Coaches can help schedule an in-person appointment with the right in-network orthopedic surgeon for your injury.

No waiting for a doctor's appointment, sitting in waiting rooms, going to the ER or Urgent Care or leaving work for multiple visits to get a referral; just immediate answers and access to the care you need right now.

Learn more about how Upswing takes the confusion out of muscle and joint injuries, and lowers costs by improving access to care.

Get Care Now
Immediate access. Immediate answers.

A new way to get help How Upswing works

Immediate access. Immediate answers.


When you’ve had an injury and you’re in pain the first thing you want to know is what do I have and where do I need to go? And, do I need to run and see a doctor? But many muscle and joint conditions, whether from recent injuries or ongoing chronic conditions, don’t need in-person care. Today they can be managed virtually, from home or wherever the problem arises; and they can be managed with simple, personalized self-help exercises.

That’s why our free symptom assessment tool also provides you with free downloadable exercises developed by licensed physical therapists to treat your injury. Just answer a few questions about your symptoms, as you would in a doctor’s office, and our AI-powered app, designed by orthopedic doctors, will tell you in minutes your most likely condition, how serious it is and suggestions on what to do about it.

For many people who visit Upswing Health, this may be all you need, but if your condition is more complex, you’ll proceed to Step 2.

Talk to a medical professional now


If your assessment indicates that you may have a more severe condition – or if you just want to discuss your symptoms with an orthopedic professional – Upswing Coaches are your first contact and are available for live video chats with you 7 days a week between 8am and 8pm (ET).

Upswing Coaches are all Certified Athletic Trainers specializing in the initial evaluation of soft tissue, bone and joint injuries. Certified Athletic Trainers are sports medicine specialists who you often see run onto the field to evaluate injured players. They are trained to review a patient’s responses to Upswing’s symptom assessment tool and answer questions about their symptoms, injuries, and treatment options. They closely follow and monitor Upswing’s patients and personalize their self-help rehabilitation programs. Our Coaches can arrange a telehealth visit with an Upswing orthopedic physician who can provide more in-depth assessment, treatment and specialized care. And, how about this. The Upswing Coaches will check in with you periodically during your recovery to make sure you’re doing better!

Consult with a specialist


Occasionally an injury might require the expert opinion of an Upswing orthopedic physician. When that happens, you don’t need to wait for your primary care physician to make a referral; your Upswing Coach can set up a video call for you within 24 hours! If your condition does require consultation with a physician, you’ll get prompt access by phone or video call with an Upswing orthopedic physician for further assessment and treatment, and even x-rays or MRI scans when necessary.

The best part is that you’ll be put in contact with the right physician for your particular issue. All Upswing Coaches and physicians specialize in muscle, joint and movement injury treatment and are the first points of contact to a deep network of orthopedic experts who can resolve most issues without an in-person visit.

Telemedicine consultations with our specialist physicians are free for Upswing Health members and may be available on a fee-per-service basis in your area for non-members.

Direct in-network referrals


For even more complex injuries that require in-person medical care, Upswing will facilitate making an appointment for you with a recommended orthopedic surgeon within your insurance network.

Our Upswing Coaches will assist you with access to specialists, surgeons, labs, MRI or x-ray providers without having to wait for a visit to your primary care physician’s office.

Direct referral services are free for Upswing Health members.

The service is so easy to use. I spoke to someone within a few minutes. I did the exercises prescribed and I already feel better
- Joy O, Patient

It was great to talk to someone about my symptoms without having to go into a doctor's office. I was prescribed exercises for my knee and if it's not better then we'll move to making an appointment with an orthopedist. Perfect!

- Yesenia R., Patient

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Upswing Health gives eligible employees immediate and convenient access to care on demand while lowering healthcare costs for employers. To learn more ask your human resources or benefits department officer to offer Upswing Health, send them a link to our For Employers page here.

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If you’re looking for innovative virtual first ways to provide better access to care for members at lower cost, bundling Upswing with your health plans for active people who are most likely to use brick and mortar physical therapy, sports medicine, or orthopedic services is an effective and easy upgrade to your MSK clinical pathways. Find out more here.

For provider

Ever wish you had a musculoskeletal specialist colleague on staff or nearby to provide expert guidance on orthopedic issues and give you more time to focus on the patients who need you the most? Upswing Health was built by orthopedic surgeons to help you manage the 65% of orthopedic office visits that can be treated at home. Learn more.