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Upswing Health
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Founders and CEO

Upswing’s team is handpicked to reinvent orthopedic medicine.
Yenvy Truong

Yenvy Truong

Chief Executive Officer
Jay Kimmel, M.D.

Jay Kimmel, M.D.

Co-founder and Chief Medical Officer
Steve Schutzer, M.D.

Steve Schutzer, M.D.

Co-founder and Vice President of Business Development

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For employees

Upswing Health gives qualifying employees immediate access to care on demand while lowering healthcare costs for employers. To learn more, or to ask your human resources department to offer Upswing Health, send them a link to our For Employers page here.

For insurers

If you’re looking for innovative ways to provide better access to care for members at lower cost, bundling Upswing with your Exchange plans for active people who are most likely to use physical therapy or sports medicine services is an effective and easy upgrade to your MSK clinical pathways. Find out more here.

For provider

Ever wish you had a musculoskeletal specialist on staff to provide expert guidance on orthopedic issues and give you more time to focus on the patients who need you the most? Upswing Health was built by orthopedic doctors to help you manage the 65% of MSK office visits that can be treated at home. Learn more.

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