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Golf Injuries

Golf Injuries

Golf is a popular sport around the world. While golf is a low impact game, the explosive nature of the swing can put significant stress on the body, leading to injury. Most of these injuries are overuse injuries. The golf swing involves the coordinated movements of the upper extremity, lower extremity and core muscles.The most common area injured is the lower back with low back strain, disc problems, and arthritis. Problems with the shoulder, including rotator cuff syndromes and biceps tendonitis, are common. The elbow is often injured with “golfers elbow” or medial epicondylitis being the most common injury but lateral epicondylitis, triceps and biceps tendonitis may occur as well. Wrist injuries such as wrist tendonitis, thumb tendonitis, and finger injuries may occur. The lower extremity may be involved as well with hip and knee tendonitis and occasionally more serious injuries such as hip labral tears or knee meniscus tears.

Patellofemoral Pain Ganglion Cyst Elbow Strain Lower Back Strain Injuries Lumbar Disc Herniation/Sciatica Cervical Disc Herniation Cervical Strain Injuries Proximal Biceps Tendonitis Labral Tears Patella Tendonitis Rotator Cuff Tear Rotator Cuff Tendonitis Elbow Contusion Patellofemoral Pain Medial Meniscus Tears Lateral Meniscus Tears Iliotibial (IT) Band Tendonitis Wrist Tenosynovitis Medial Epicondylitis Lateral Epicondylitis


Common Golf Injuries

Back: Strain | Herniated disc | Stress fracture

Shoulder: Rotator cuff tendonitis | Rotator cuff tears | Biceps tendonitis

Elbow: Medial epicondylitis | Lateral epicondylitis

Wrist: Tendonitis

Knee: Patella tendonitis | Patella femoral pain syndrome | Meniscus tears

Hip: Labral tears | Iliotibial band syndrome