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Football is one of the most popular sports in the United States. Athletes in this contact sport have one of the highest injury rates. Almost any body part can be injured in football. Concussions are quite common. Serious injuries to the neck and back including sprains and fractures are often seen

Upper extremity injuries to the shoulder, elbow, and wrist can occur including clavicle fractures, dislocated shoulders, separated shoulders, elbow fractures and dislocations and finger, hand and wrist sprains, fractures and dislocations.

Lower extremity injuries also frequently occur. The hip is often injured with injuries ranging from labral tears and muscle strains to more serious injuries such as dislocations. Football is responsible for many knee injuries such as anterior cruciate (ACL), posterior cruciate (PCL), medial collateral (MCL) ligament tears and meniscus tears. Foot and ankle sprains, dislocations and fractures are also commonly seen in football.

Common Football Injuries


Ankle: Sprains | Fractures

Back: Strains | Herniated discs | Spondylolysis

Elbow: Fractures

Foot: Sprain fractures | Turf toe

Hand: Sprains | Fractures

Hip: Strains (Groin, Quadriceps, Hamstring) | Labral Tears

Knee: ACL | PCL | MCL | Meniscus

Neck: Strains | Herniated discs | Stingers

Shoulder: AC separations | Instability | Clavicle fractures

Wrist: Sprains | Fractures

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