Wrestling Injuries

Wrestling Injuries

Wrestling is a very demanding sport. While many injuries suffered by wrestlers are common to other sports, wrestling may lead to a unique set of injuries.

Wrestlers may sustain upper extremity traumatic injuries common to contact sports like clavicle fractures, shoulder dislocations and separations, elbow fractures/ dislocations and wrist fractures and sprains.

Lower extremity injuries, such as hip sprains, knee ligament injuries, anterior cruciate (ACL) and medial collateral ligament (MCL) tears, meniscus injuries, ankle sprains and fractures, occur frequently in wrestlers. Injuries unique to wrestlers include head and neck injuries such as cauliflower ear, bursa injuries such as olecranon or pre-patella bursitis, and rashes of all types.

Common Wrestling Injuries

Ankle: Sprains | Fractures

Elbow: Fracture | Sprain | Olecranon bursitis

Hip: Strains (quadriceps and hamstring)

Knee: ACL | MCL | Meniscus tear

Shoulder: AC separations | Instability | Clavicle fractures

Other: Rashes