Basketball Injuries

Basketball Injuries

This guide goes over the types of injuries that can occur while playing basketball

Basketball, first invented by Dr. James Naismith in 1891, is one of the world’s most popular sports. It is a very demanding sport where athletes are prone to many different types of injuries.

The repetitive jumping, cutting, and running necessary in basketball may lead to overuse injuries such as hip, knee, or ankle tendonitis.

Of course, there are also many traumatic injuries seen in basketball players. These include injuries to the upper extremity such as shoulder separations and dislocations, elbow dislocations and fractures, and wrist and hand fractures, dislocations and tendon injuries.

The lower extremity is often injured as well with knee injuries such as anterior cruciate (Acl ), medial collateral ligament (Mcl) tears and patella dislocations being all too common. In addition, injuries to the foot and ankle including ankle sprains and fractures, achilles tendon tears, and fractures of the foot are quite common.

Common Basketball Injuries

Knee: Patella tendonits | Patella femoral syndrome | Patella dislocations | Acl | Mcl | Pcl | Medial Meniscus. Lateral Meniscus

Hip: Quadriceps, hamstring, groin strains | Labral tears

Shoulder: Instability | Ac separations | Clavicle fractures

Ankle: Achilles tendonitis | Achilles tendon rupture | Lateral ankle sprains | Medial ankle sprains | High ankle sprains