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free orthopedic management tool.

Berry College now offers free access to virtual orthopedic care!

Have an orthopedic injury, but don’t have immediate access to your training team?      Use Upswing to understand what’s causing your pain, and if you’d like, connect to a live medical professional without leaving your home.

Identify Your Injury

To identify your injury insert your name as listed on your benefit card, DOB and (your preferred) email.

How it works

  • 01

    Use our injury identification tool, powered by AI and medical experts, to identify your injury.

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    Connect (for free!) with one of our medical professionals - tell us what hurts and about your injury.

  • 03

    We work with you to develop a personalized recovery plan based on your needs and situation.

About Upswing

We are the next generation of sports medicine. Leveraging medical expertise, artificial intelligence and the power of an informed and engaged community. Upswing is helping the active, regardless of level, age or ability to prevent and recover from injuries that might slow them down.