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The service is so easy to use. I spoke to someone within a few minutes. I did the exercises prescribed and I already feel better
- Joy O, Patient

It was great to talk to someone about my symptoms without having to go into a doctor's office. I was prescribed exercises for my knee and if it's not better then we'll move to making an appointment with an orthopedist. Perfect!

- Yesenia R., Patient

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Created by orthopedic physicians and physical therapists to help other doctors provide better care

50% of initial medical interventions for orthopedic conditions fail to resolve the patient’s problem nor end with a positive outcome. That’s a lot of wasted administration, imaging, office visits, physical therapy, and prescriptions without making patients much better.

46% of orthopedic injuries are initially incorrectly triaged and managed.

Why? Because primary care physicians don’t have ready access to musculoskeletal expertise when they need it. Patients are often referred for PT, MRIs or x-rays – with the wrong diagnosis - or to a specialist who may not be the right specialist for the patient’s condition.

That’s one reason why Upswing was created by orthopedic surgeons. To give primary care physicians and their patients access to expert orthopedic tools and on-demand access to orthopedic specialists who can co-manage their patient’s care – and, when necessary, help direct the patient to the right in-network specialist. This allows primary care physicians to have peace of mind and to focus more time on their patients' medical conditions knowing that they are getting the right care from the right specialist while avoiding unnecessary interventions.


Upswing’s AI-based symptom assessment tool, built by board certified orthopedic physicians, delivers a differential set of conditions in minutes based on patient-reported symptoms. Your staff always has a second opinion available.

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The average cost of a typical episode of care for an MSK injury in the United States is $3000. The average Upswing cost per episode to employers is only $300 - $500 and usually doesn’t require in-office visits, imaging or doctors time to create good patient outcomes.

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Patients love being able to access an orthopedic professional from anywhere, anytime, when they or their loved ones have had an injury and are experiencing pain. Using the Upswing symptom assessment tool, they never again have to wait and worry about what’s wrong – and a live Upswing Coach can connect them to your office if needed.

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Available 24/7 to every person in your office – and to your patients

If you could access the expertise of a team of leading board-certified orthopedic physicians whenever you wanted to, at no cost, would you? How much more confident would you be that your patients are getting the right care if your front office, Medical Assistant or APP could access this same expertise? How much more time would you have to focus on the patients who truly need your focus if you knew that your patients could be assessed using this expertise and even get physical therapist-designed rehabilitation they could do at home – and speak directly with an Upswing Coach, our certified athletic trainers, throughout their rehabilitation?

Upswing was designed by orthopedic surgeons who understand the pressure that primary care physicians face to balance better care for patients with the time demands of their patient population.

Our AI-powered application pools the collective experience of a team of top orthopedic specialists to provide you with expert MSK second opinions on-demand based on your patient’s symptoms.

Once diagnosed, your patients can often self-manage their condition at home using our video library of physical therapist developed exercises and can speak to our Upswing Coaches, all certified athletic trainers, within minutes if they have questions. These Upswing Coaches also check in with your patient throughout their rehabilitation journey to make sure everything is going well – and will notify you if the patient is not progressing.

Add 60-plus years of orthopedic expertise to your practice – at no cost

Learn how Upswing can maximize your team’s effectiveness and help you focus your time where it’s needed.

Reduce practice costs
(while improving patient outcomes)

Better diagnosis and faster access to care reduces costs and time burden on doctors
Reduce practice costs

Right now, the way most orthopedic conditions are diagnosed and treated wastes time and money – and requires patients to wait in pain for answers.

Over 46% of orthopedic conditions are initially misdiagnosed. Consequently, patients receive the wrong treatment wasting time and money. More importantly, patients must wait in pain for answers.

Some patients are required to visit their primary care doctor first, then go to a specialist who may order additional x-rays or MRIs before typically providing them with simple exercises they can do on their own. For patients it usually means living with pain while waiting for appointments, getting childcare and asking for time out of work.


That’s why Upswing’s team of orthopedic physicians developed an AI-powered app that can provide patients with actionable information regarding the nature of their injury or condition. Upswing’s curated condition-specific content pages then helps identify patients who are likely to benefit from virtual care and not need an in-person visit with a physician, a trip to the ER or to Urgent Care. Patients are provided a curated condition-specific self-help exercise regimen that they can do right at home. Next, our Upswing Coaches, all Certified Athletic Trainers, are available on demand, seven days a week from 8am to 8pm. They review and refine the rehabilitation program and do something unique - they follow the patient on their journey to full recovery!

Learn how Upswing can lower your practice’s costs while improving your patients’ access to orthopedic care and their healthcare experience.


Wait times are negatively correlated with satisfaction – but also the perception of physician competence

Everyone knows that long wait times lead to low patient satisfaction scores. But studies* have also shown that they also reduce a patient’s confidence in the care provider and lower their overall perception of the quality of care they receive. Which is why providing immediate access to care to patients who are in pain and need answers now is not only the right decision for your patients, but also a good one for your practice.

The first thing your patient wants to know after an acute orthopedic injury or exacerbation of a chronic injury is “what do I have and where do I need to go” And, “do I need to run and see a doctor.” But many conditions, whether from a recent injury or ongoing chronic problems, don’t need in-person care. Today they can be managed virtually - they can be treated at home with simple, personalized self-help exercises.

That’s why our free symptom assessment tool also provides you with free downloadable exercises developed by licensed physical therapists to treat your injury. Just answer a few questions about your symptoms, as you would in a doctor’s office, and our AI-powered app, designed by orthopedic physicians, will tell you in minutes your most likely condition, how serious it is and suggestions on what to do about it.

In the current healthcare environment, people wait for days for answers. Those painful days before a treatment program starts!

With Upswing’s symptom assessment app, your patients get immediate answers to their questions based on their symptoms – and then a follow up video call with an Upswing Coach minutes later. Since most orthopedic injuries can be treated at home, their Upswing Coach will check in with them throughout their recovery process and, using motion tracking technology, provide them with detailed downloadable video based rehabilitation exercises they can do on their own. And for patients with more complex problems, their Upswing Coach will arrange, within 24 hours, a telehealth consultation with an Upswing orthopedic physician via a video call. For even more complicated problems that require in-person care, Upswing will work with your office to facilitate an appointment for your patient with your recommended orthopedic surgeon within your network.


Faster access to care drives up patient satisfaction

Learn more about how Upswing can give your patients immediate answers and access to care without the wait.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Upswing can structure practice plans several ways (see the next question for details), but all of them result in substantial cost savings for most practices. This is particularly important for practices either in or exploring downside financial arrangement for their population of patients.

We can structure payment plans in one of several ways depending on the PCP practice and the patient’s plan coverage.

A fee-per-episode (case rate) model allows employers only to pay when their employees use Upswing Health.

For PCP practices assuming downside financial risk, Upswing would co-manage their patient’s orthopedic conditions and share the risk and overall savings.

Over 50% of orthopedic injuries can be managed at home using physical therapist developed exercises that most people can do independently. Additionally, over 46% of orthopedic injuries are misdiagnosed (typically because a medical professional with orthopedic expertise was not available to help diagnose the condition). Consequently, 50% of initial orthopedic medical interventions fail to solve the intended problem. Orthopedic patients take time away from busy PCPs who can more efficiently manage their office having immediate access to Upswing’s orthopedic expertise.

Upswing was designed by a team of orthopedic physicians and physical therapists to solve exactly this problem.

Upswing’s Orthopedic Physicians are Board Certified doctors who specialize in Sports Medicine and/or Orthopedic Surgery. These doctors work within Orthopedic practices or with sports teams, and help guide patients through non-surgical measures. Our physicians have decades of experience and have worked in numerous sub-speciality fields.

No problem! Upswing works seamlessly within your network of care. Depending on the program, our care team can also assist you with referrals for imaging (x-rays and MRI scans) and when necessary appointments with in-network physical therapists or orthopedic surgeons.

Our mission is to guide you on the right care path as quickly as possible, with our care team or when necessary with other in-network providers.

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