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Kelsey, a certified athletic trainer, is online now to help identify what's wrong and develop a recovery plan. It's like having a personal trainer run out on the court to help!

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Hi! I am a practicing certified athletic trainer, I have a masters degree in Kinesiology and Healthcare Administration, and working towards earning my PhD in Kinesiology. I currently work at Eastern Connecticut State University where one of my primary responsibilities is working with our men's lacrosse team.

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    Connect (for free!) with one of our certified athletic trainers - tell us what hurts and about your injury.

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    If necessary, use our symptom checker, powered by AI and medical experts, to identify your injury.

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    We work with you to develop a personalized recovery plan based on your needs and situation.

About Upswing

We are the next generation of sports medicine. Leveraging medical expertise, artificial intelligence and the power of an informed and engaged community. Upswing is helping the active, regardless of level, age or ability to prevent and recover from injuries that might slow them down.

Who are our Medical Experts?

Upswing is led by two orthopedic surgeons with over 50 combined years of healthcare leadership and experience.

Dr. Jay Kimmel

Dr. Jay Kimmel is an orthopedic surgeon with Advanced Orthopedics New England. Dr. Kimmel specializes in Sports Medicine with an emphasis on shoulder and knee injuries.

Assistant clinical professor in both the department of family medicine and department of orthopedics at the University of Connecticut.

Dr. Kimmel is a fellow of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgery and is board-certified in Orthopedic Surgery.

Sport of Choice: Tennis

Dr. Steven Schutzer

Dr. Steve Schutzer is a Founding Member and Medical Director of the Connecticut Joint Replacement Institute at Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center.

President of the Connecticut Joint Replacement Surgeons, LLC and Physician Executive for the Orthopedic Service Line at Trinity Health Of New England.

Highly sought-after national speaker on value-based healthcare.

Sport of Choice: Tae Kwon Do

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