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  • Osteochondral injury ankleAn osteochondral injury is an injury to the articular surface or lining of the ankle joint. Cartilage on the outside of this joint, called the articular surface, provides the smooth gliding between the ankle joint and the underlying bone that supports it (the talus). Osteochondral damage can be caused by an acute impact injury, may be associated with a bad ankle sprain or fracture, or may occur as a result of chronic instability from a prior ankle injury that wears away the cartilage surface. Osteochondral injuries can range in severity.

    Early cartilage damage may be associated with softening of the cartilage that progresses to tears and unstable flaps. If the underlying bone is compromised, chunks of cartilage along with the underlying bone may be displaced, leaving a hole in the articular surface. This may cause pain. Displaced fragments can cause “locking” and affect the ankle joint’s range of motion.

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