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  • Osteoarthritis of the elbow is defined by the loss or damage to the cartilage, either by it being worn down over time or damaged due to injury. Osteoarthritis is not very common in the elbow: It most often occurs in joints that bear much of the body’s weight, like the hips or knees. Elbow arthritis can result in pain and affect the arm’s range of motion, making it difficult to participate in some sports.

    Osteoarthritis of the elbow generally occurs due to:

    • Wear and tear
    • Aging (as we age, we are more likely to experience degeneration of cartilage)
    • Repetitive activity over time (throwing sports)
    • Traumatic injuries such as a fracture or dislocation

    Learn more about Elbow Arthritis here.

    Have you had or are you currently experiencing Elbow Arthritis? Tell the community about what has or has not worked for you below.

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