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Hi there! I am Perry, a Certified Athletic Trainer with 20+ years of experience, and your personal recovery guide to help answer if you need to see a doctor and what the treatment options are for your injury

I know what you are thinking... Yes I am a real person! And no, I will not be asking for your credit card or insurance information. This is a complimentary service.

In order for me to help answer if you need to see a doctor, I need just a couple pieces of information to get started.

As your personal guide to recovery below are some of the examples I can help with:

  • A personalized recovery action plan that is prepared and reviewed by Othropedic Surgeons, Physical Therapists, and Certified Athletic Trainers.
  • Provide doctor written and approved trustworthy information about your injury and what to do about it.
  • Video’s and other media of at home exercises and treatment methods.

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